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This bootcamp is a very intense 3 month Spanish language immersion program unlike any other in the world. In brief, it involves immersion with native speakers 6 days a week at a time that works for both you and the immersion teachers. You will have at least 3 check in calls with me each week to make sure that you are on track since this whole program is very intense.

If you woud like more information or would be interested in taking this bootcamp in person here in South America (where all the entire program is condensed into 2 weeks) rather than via video call, send me a message.

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The Spanish Nerd
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  WARNING - This product is NOT for everyone. It's not some magic pill that grants you the ability to speak a new language. This might shock some people... but that doesn't exist. The Spanish Nerd is made specifically to be a "steroid shot" to your Spanish "exercise" (aka immersion). Could you imagine a person that took a steroid shot, but never did exercise? Preposterous. 

Now that the lazy people are gone, let's get serious...

    This isn't just a workbook with the same lessons that have been regurgitated in every Spanish resource for the past 50 years. 🤢

   The Spanish Nerd has essentially deconstructed the entire language and presented the most important pieces in a way that actually allows a normal person to accomplish in just a few weeks what takes most learners 1-2 years. I can't reveal all the secrets that are in this book, but I can tell you that without a doubt there is no other resources like this in the world. 

    At this moment, this workbook is only available as an eBook. You will be able to print it out for personal use if you would like. However, THIS ISN'T JUST A WORKBOOK! This is a hybrid workbook program that has videos that explain each new concept in terms that anyone can understand (we hate overly pretentious professor-like terms).

    This hybrid workbook/video method is so much easier than having to read a bunch of "professor talk" that exhausts your brain before you even start the exercise! If you would like to see how the exercises are presented in this method, then I encourage you to watch the orientation video that public on the YouTube channel.

The Spanish Nerd is for the kinds of people that are actually DOING the things on their bucket list...


If that's you, this is going to change your life!

- Zack Zee

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The Spanish Nerd 101
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This is the 101 version of the very successful language tool The Spanish Nerd

       What's the difference between this book and the original?

   The Spanish Nerd 101 version is essentially the first 33 lessons that are found in the original workbook. The method and all of the features that the original workbook has can be found in this version! If you haven't already read the description of the full version, make sure to do that.

    This 101 version is best for people that want to reach an impressive level of general fluency to be able to converse naturally. There is no other product that will get you to this point faster. If you follow the lessons closely, you will learn more in the first few weeks than most people do in over a year using other resources.  (If you want to absolutely master complicated professional Spanish and be able to talk like a native speaker in the shortest amount of time possible, you should buy the original workbook instead of this one). 

    At this moment, this workbooks is only available as an eBook. You can do the excerices on your device with a pdf app that allows to write on documents or you can print it out. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

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Don't Buy This Book!

You probably need to hear this...

No fluff here.

The unique method that The Spanish Nerd hybrid workbook program uses is a NO FLUFF approach. What does that mean?

This means that other learning tools waste your time learning nuanced parts of the language that don't help you to start communicating fast.

Why waste your time learning these things that aren't significant to being able to speak and be understood when you WILL learn that naturally when you get immersion!?! That means that witht those other options, you are literally learning slower than you should!

Don't waste your time on that mess. If you are serious about learning to speak Spanish in the most efficient way possible, The Spanish Nerd is for you.

Your life is going to completely change

500 million

There's an estimated 500 million Spanish speakers in the world. You're here because you want to learn Spanish, and I'm here to tell you that your idea is fantastic! I promise you that if you follow the hybrid program of The Spanish Nerd, you will suprise YOURSELF with how well you speak in just a few months!